Monday, April 26, 2010

Bangalore Classic Scooter Club!

In the '70's when we were kids where did we ever think that our Dads 'khataara' scooters would become the rage today in the 21st century. Imagine that vespa or Lamby that many of us learnt to ride have become cool with a group here in Bangalore who get tog once a month in Cubbon Park to exchange news about their 'beauties'!
It started as a Face Book site according to Siddharth Naidu one of the founder memb ers and today has over 45 members on the rolls!
A very cute idea, it was such a great experience to go out on Sunday to cover them for the Hindu, as they had come together for their first Anniv Celebrations!

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  1. Great post, ma'am! The photos are nice too! Looking forward to the coverage in the Hindu!