Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sandhill Cranes of Nebraska, USA

It was an amazing experience to go to the Crane Trust in Grand Island, Nebraska, to see the migration of the Sandhill Cranes. Sometimes we humans are so caught up with the pressure of life and living that we do not pay enough attention to the beauty of nature around us.
At the centre the displays of the birds were marvelous as you can see from the pictures.
Even the notes put up for us to read up on the birds were so educative.
Then we went out into the field in minus temps and actually saw the cranes. Our pics do not do justice to the birds as I had not brought my Canon SLR unfortunately. Anyway seeing them take off from the fields and into the sky was amazing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

What are those weird Black birds??

As we walked down town in Austin there were these flocks of black birds all around making the most weird sounds.They were not unpleasant sounds, but still they made us stop and stare. Andy thought it might be a squirrel as we do have squeaky squirrels that trill like these birds back in India. But I was sure they were sounds coming from the birds.
There were a more buiscuit coloured variety as well and I think they are females. Take a look--
Their droppings were all over the pavements, splattered across the old brick roads and under the avenue trees along with the rock pigeons. Apparently they are called Great Tailed Grackles and they have becom a sort of invasive pest across the state of Texas. Very interesting for me a Science and Environment journalist -- great story idea.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Food in the US cheaper than India

Look at that picture! Milk is so much cheaper here in the US. In India milk is now Rs 30 a litre and I wondered how the poor manage in our country straight away. Even chicken is way cheaper than India over here and I am really surprised. Fruit which I live on is also quite reasonable and I literally live on apples and pears. Why is food so expensive in India I wonder? It really is hard for me to understand.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Snow in Omaha

We left for 2 days to Pasco, Washington State for Andy and Annika to interview there. It was definitely warmer in Pasco and I was quite happy staying in the hotel room with Alaina as we were opposite the Columbia River and the bend infront of the hotel Marriott was full of ducks and geese. I enjoyed watching them when Aliana slept and even though it was too cold to go out, watching them swim around in groups was pretty interesting. Above large sea gulls coasted the wind currents and several cyclists and people walking dogs mossied around making it interesting for me. Coming back to Omaha, we were surprised to see snow everywhere. Infact little Alainas car seat was full of snow when it came off the carousel. I took a while dusting it down while Andy and Annika went to get the car which had been parked by us in the car lot. I dont like the snow. The view looks pretty, but beyond that its treacherous and scary walking on it. Even driving home from the airport one could feel the tyres skid slightly on it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orchids blooming on our balcony!

When we were kids, Dad had a great collection of orchids on one of the large mango trees in the Hayes Road garden. Those were the variety that cling to trees and are quite different from the ones being grown and sold in pots today across Bangalore. Those we could only get from Singapore. Then two years ago we bought Mum a plant from Home Stop for her 80th Birthday. It has flowered once every year ever since! We live off the busy Richmond Road and it was such a great feeling to see a fresh spray come out and last for over a month before it died. Now all FOUR of our orchids have thrown sprays in the balcony and I think its because of the unseasonal rain and wet conditions. Let it rain and pour if we can have these beauties (see pic) bloom on the balcony!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Splendid exhibition of the diva of flowers -- Orchid!

Someone sent me a poster about the Orchid show on in the Mariegowda Hall in Lalbagh. The poster looked awesome, filled with pictures of the nice and large Phalaenopsis species of orchid, in different colours. It was amazing to know that they were being grown right here in Bangalore now and the prices were well within the reach of our pocket. Earlier I would buy one for Mum from the airport in Singapore and bring them back to be spoilt in the house in Hayes Road. I think Dad watered it every time he passed it! Probably that's why once its flowers died the plant died too, drowned with love!
However Dad had a beautiful collection of orchids which he hung on the mango tree in the garden and which gave him tons of joy. Ebery year the Blue Vanda that he brought all the way to Bangalore from Shillong would flower. That was celebration time and he would gather all his grandchildren around to admire the blooms and dosas were bought from the little hotel on the top of the road for us all to enjoy. That is why I took a picture of the orchid above in the exhibition because it reminded me of his orchid.
The exhibit had all sorts of orchids including the very special large variety that threw just single or double blooms like the ones above.Known as Cattleya, the corsage orchid is a popular and rewarding orchid to grow said one of the men behind the counter trying to get me to buy a plant. At Rs 1000/ I backed off!
The Lady slipper orchid was obviously a favourite of the crowd and this was because of their strange appearance. They are like no other types of flowers and have pouch-shaped lips.At the exhibit as you can see above they dressed a pair in what appeared to be sarees!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 'excess' rain is welcome!

It's been raining every single day from the beginning of August right up now to the start of September 2013 here in Bangalore. The rain has made the garden perk up and it has never looked so good before. Take a look at the Anthuriums. They bloom once in a while to keep us happy, but this year they all are in bloom together and have grown gigantic leaves as well.
This strange and variegated spiky sort of fern we brought from Hoskote. Took a tiny plant which has now grown into a massive bunch as you can see. There are plans afoot to make them into at least 20 gifts to give people over the coming Christmas season.
That is the gifts given to me by KP Shetty from his gorgeous Wild Wood Spa in Kundapur. The leaves are in a beautiful shade of hushed red and make such a wonderful contrast to the wandering Jew which seems to over run the entrance to the house.
And then the strangely coloured Elephant eared Cladium which is thriving in a pot full of home made wet waste compost. If everyone could see the way the garden is thriving in the rain, aided by the compost made from our own kitchen waste I am sure none of us would chuck any more kitchen waste on the road.