Sunday, September 22, 2013

Splendid exhibition of the diva of flowers -- Orchid!

Someone sent me a poster about the Orchid show on in the Mariegowda Hall in Lalbagh. The poster looked awesome, filled with pictures of the nice and large Phalaenopsis species of orchid, in different colours. It was amazing to know that they were being grown right here in Bangalore now and the prices were well within the reach of our pocket. Earlier I would buy one for Mum from the airport in Singapore and bring them back to be spoilt in the house in Hayes Road. I think Dad watered it every time he passed it! Probably that's why once its flowers died the plant died too, drowned with love!
However Dad had a beautiful collection of orchids which he hung on the mango tree in the garden and which gave him tons of joy. Ebery year the Blue Vanda that he brought all the way to Bangalore from Shillong would flower. That was celebration time and he would gather all his grandchildren around to admire the blooms and dosas were bought from the little hotel on the top of the road for us all to enjoy. That is why I took a picture of the orchid above in the exhibition because it reminded me of his orchid.
The exhibit had all sorts of orchids including the very special large variety that threw just single or double blooms like the ones above.Known as Cattleya, the corsage orchid is a popular and rewarding orchid to grow said one of the men behind the counter trying to get me to buy a plant. At Rs 1000/ I backed off!
The Lady slipper orchid was obviously a favourite of the crowd and this was because of their strange appearance. They are like no other types of flowers and have pouch-shaped lips.At the exhibit as you can see above they dressed a pair in what appeared to be sarees!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 'excess' rain is welcome!

It's been raining every single day from the beginning of August right up now to the start of September 2013 here in Bangalore. The rain has made the garden perk up and it has never looked so good before. Take a look at the Anthuriums. They bloom once in a while to keep us happy, but this year they all are in bloom together and have grown gigantic leaves as well.
This strange and variegated spiky sort of fern we brought from Hoskote. Took a tiny plant which has now grown into a massive bunch as you can see. There are plans afoot to make them into at least 20 gifts to give people over the coming Christmas season.
That is the gifts given to me by KP Shetty from his gorgeous Wild Wood Spa in Kundapur. The leaves are in a beautiful shade of hushed red and make such a wonderful contrast to the wandering Jew which seems to over run the entrance to the house.
And then the strangely coloured Elephant eared Cladium which is thriving in a pot full of home made wet waste compost. If everyone could see the way the garden is thriving in the rain, aided by the compost made from our own kitchen waste I am sure none of us would chuck any more kitchen waste on the road.