Friday, April 2, 2010

Angie's Easter art!

For all these years all we could get for Easter were stone hard icing and flour 'eggs' from All Saints, or waxy tasting bunnies from Nilgiris. There was no other choice and we were stuck with buying chocolates instead.
Last year I was in Bonn before Easter so I got some great stuff, but ofcourse everything was very expensive.
Now we have Angie, using her gift for not only making yummy tasting Easter goodies, but they even look super. I put them out on the lawn and shot them a while ago so you could see.
Aren't they great?
However I have no Rashme here to rag me like she did about the Christmas tree and say- I am going to eat it!
Eating the bunny will take some time for sure. Its really beautiful


  1. oh they look gorgeous ... too bad we weren't hear for easter!

  2. really they look deeelicious!!

  3. Nesty time I will connect you with Angie and you can buy your own shares!