Monday, April 12, 2010

Rainwater harvesting mandatory!

It's good to hear that Karnataka has made RWH mandatory in the state, but whats more interesting is that hotels have been made responsible for their waste water management as well. At last when the spectre of no fresh water looms high in Karnataka, the government has placed policies in place which will force the hands of the wasters.
People dont have water to drink and cars and gardens are watered with fresh water. Thats a crime. We also have to educate our servants about conserving water, as they are the biggest offenders in the home.
They are unable to understand that yes, its bore-well water, but thats decades of saving by mother earth, that we are just wasting and once its over, then what?

Waste water is excellent for the garden. I saw the huge diff in using waste water and fresh water in The Serai's coffee estates. It's time we realised that and forced big MNC's to use that water for their massive, manicured lawns. Not fresh water which is the birth right of all.
The picture is of the RWH lake in The Serai. Such a pleasure to see this natural pond thick with bull rushes, in the height of summer, keeping the surrounding water table up obviously.
The second picture of the Waste Water Management system set up in The Serai.


  1. u know wat will be cool? if the scientists are some how able to genetically modify our systems so that we are able to use salf water.

    then we don't have to worry about water shortage at all :)

  2. Yeah I know! Then there is tons of water and no worries forever!