Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CSR is a great concept!

I intially thought - yeah yeah! these corporate honchos have to salve their consciences by doing stuff for the poor! But over the years I have seen whatever 'stuff' is being done is solid and very helpful through CSR (corporate social responsibility)
At the Serai the Cafe Coffee Day who own the resort are training 150 disadvantaged kids to work in cafes across the country, not just in theirs. They are given their board, lodging, uniforms and everything for that year and then if they feel like joining they join Cafe Coffee Day or wherever they can get absorbed.
Take a look at the pics. I felt so great looking at them. Nice smart young kids, who by the looks of it have a bright future ahead of them.
Kudos to Coffee Day -- call it whatever, but you are doing a great job!

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