Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turtle Bay is completely eco friendly!

Just back from a weekend of complete and total bliss. We went to Turtle Bay, a resort in Kundapur. For some reason I was unable to go, Steves Exams, Mum B'day, College corrections, something or the other had me postponing the trip. Finally what a great gem we stumbled on! Turtle Bay is an environmental journalists delight. Simple room, simple toilets, simple everything including the khaana. The main USP is the sea, the sand and snorkelling and suba diving. The cabanas come at just 1500 a day with simple coastal food at cost price. I mean just nimbu paani when you go out in Bangalore is 25 bucks. Here it was 15 which is much more wallet friendly!Fresh fish fry, squid bhajjies, Crab Sukha, the place fed us and looked after us really well.
We took the Volvo bus down which made it great fun. Overnight and you are there bright and early to enjoy the day in the resort.
Look at the beach pics and you can see what I mean. The rocks had carbuncles on them. Something I had not seen at such close quarters!

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