Saturday, April 17, 2010

It seems to be Bulbul time!

Every single morning I have a Bulbul call out from the trees in front on the pavement which I planted along with Dave and Andy when they were little guys. Today it was calling out from the drumstick tree in the fallen house behind. Prob its nesting time, or foraging for food for its babies time. Whatever it is, its such a great sound to hear while I work here on my comp. Reminds me of the blackbirds in Amsterdam and Swansea. They called out endlessly and kept me company during the long months writing my dissertation!
I guess Bulbuls too have to evolve with all their natural habitat vanishing while our cities become concrete jungles. Thank God they do rather than die away like the sparrows did for a while and seem to be making a slow combeback at last.

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