Thursday, April 8, 2010

My villa in The Serai!

You know as a travel writer, cum environmental journo, I get to travel and travel and travel and see ever so many resorts and hotels that I am a trifle jaded with the luxury.
However The Serai was something else. It was gorgeous. I loved every minute of my stay there and the fact that we had really nice colleagues heightened the whole experience. In three days we were pals and hung around chatting like Bulbuls and eating like elephants.
I am writing the piece for various magazines and whoever decides to go after reading my review, will never be dissapointed.
ALSO, I have been a coffee addict for years and then suddenly decided to switch off for personal reasons. Drinking coffee reminded me of days I would rather forget, so now I have become a total tea drinker.
But going to The Serai, in a flash I realised what I was missing for the last two years.It was that chilled Frappe, it was Dr. Kenjige's persuasive skills in the factory, it was that walk in the lush coffee estate. The Serai relaxed me into a quiescent state, where I have gone back to enjoying a great cup of coffee all over again - forget the past, it will never come back again!

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