Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lovedale -- yes there is a place with that name!

We went down to Hill Country Lovedale, for a couple of days to just relax and ch ill. All too soon it will be June and back to work and regular routine. So we jumped in a Volvo which took us on a chilly overnight trip to Ooty. There a cab picked us up and took us to the resort which is just 2km from Ooty -- yes, yes! Lovedale is the Ooty we knew back in the 80's and not the stinking, dirty Ooty of today.

Everyday clouds shimmied into our room and sent chilly shivers up and down our spines! Then all you have to do is run to the restaurant and have a bowl of hot sweet corn and chicken soup with crunchy celery and crunchier slices of toast.

Lovedale is gorgeous and if you havent been, just GO. Its not that expensive either if you take a package holiday with all meals thrown in at Hill Country Resorts.

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