Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Torino- Turin the shroud and science!

For me the Shroud of Turin has always been a weird phenomenon which I have followed closely over the years. Prob cause of the framed picture I used to see as a young woman when I went to church in St. Patrick's Church. Now with the ESOF Science Journalists conference scheduled to be held in July in Turin I am excitedly looking forward to the trip. The first evening free and I will go to actually see the shroud.
Please check--
It's been a weird thought - imagine Jesus's actual photo outline in blood on a piece of linen that was used to cover him. I am no fanatic but the shroud has baffled scientists and the National Geographic ran a great story on it as well.
Now! I am going to see it myself. Hope I reach early enough to do that immediately!

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