Monday, May 10, 2010

UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train!

The last time I tried to get a ride on the Toy train the que which snaked right out of the quaint Ooty heritage stn. scared me off. This time Gope the resort manager of Hill Country waved his magic wand and got us three tickets which finally gave me my dream ride.
I LOVE the train, maybe its just the child in me still! Never mind the crush and the crowds, thankfully no body odour as its cold in Ooty, but I enjoyed every minute of the 45 min ride upto Coonoor.
If you have never been on any of the heritage toy train railways you MUST go before landslides and worse finish off the tracks forever. After all man always thinks he knows best and deforestation is causing heavy landslides ever year, and who knows they might just put a stop to the little 'chug chugs' in a matter of a few years.

Dad called them I - think- I - can's and they do say that as they labour up the hill slopes if you listen carefully. They do! I used that allegory so many times in my life, during hard situations, when I thought I would never succeed, then I thought of Dad and the train and the I-think-I -can, and suddenly everything became all right in my world.


  1. Wow M I didn't know this was a UNESCO Heritage!

  2. Yes Swati -- ALL the 'mountain railways' in India are, inclu the Darjeeling one.