Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How safe is eco tourism?

After the Australian girl was killed in Port Blair recently by a salt water croc, read

I am not too sprightly about the holiday planned in Oct to Port Blair.I was told the snorkelling and diving there is awesome by Tarusha of Madisson PR. She said it was a great experience, while we journeyed tog on the way to The Serai, Chikmagalur, and that made me decide that we should check it out. This was esp after the hol in Turtle Bay which gave us the first experience of snorkelling's pleasures.

Now I wonder - how safe do these operators make it for us humans? I know we signed tons of pages of docs before going in, in Murdeshwar, and now I understand why. Thats crazy. It has to be made safe for us and the operators should not play games and hope things go minus a mishap. Then its the Aussie girls experience waiting to happen, all over again.

Even while driving through Mudumalai the other day coming back from Lovedale we passed several agitated elephants. What if the animal charged the bus? There were even a couple of HUGE Bison in the undergrowth and the bus slowed for us to see them.
Eco tourism should NOT be about risk taking.

IF it is that, THEN tell the tourist clearly, you are flirting with death going down there, or going into the jungle this could happen. Then choices can be made.

I for one would NEVER go! I def dont believe in animal/human conflict, I'm no Steve Irwin for sure!

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