Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yvo my Climate Change hero!

For a whole year I have watched Yvo de Boer handle the tricky issue of Climate Change with great elan and panache. A brilliant man, very clear about what he was talking about and a journalists delight with his 'empirical examples' at every press con.Strong and sure he worked with great hope to see his work culminate successfully in Copenhagen - but it was not to be.
Yvo has resigned from being the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC after the Copenhagen debacle. However it was such a great feeling to hear him very clearly elucidate that Mexico can be a success if the 'architecture' is in place while at a press con in Bali.
Hopefully Cancun works and the world has a 'legally binding' agreement for the future of our planet in place.
The heat is unbelievable in Bangalore, isn't that enough for us to realise we are all roasting ourselves alive?

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