Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passion Fruit --- musical

Last evening I went off to see the preview of a musical called Passion Fruit. Bored Stiff Productions of the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology had teamed up with Evan Hastings, an American theatre artist to stage this.It was a fun show,produced by the kids and everyone had a good time for around an hour. It was held in the fabulous home of Renu and Sharukh Mistry.(architects)

After the show, everyone was provided with what I consider the greatest fast food on earth --- dosas, vadas, pongal the works, all made piping hot right there. Dont give me pizza or KFC, I am no fan of those, but show me our southie 'fast food' and you bet I tucked in, all diets forgotten and promises of being more energetic at aerobics on Monday was made!

Met a lot of old pals including Judy Roby and Joseph Ollapally and enjoyed my evening minus the very heavily laced fruit punch which def had a lot in the crowd slurring pretty soon!

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