Monday, March 15, 2010

Wangaari Mathaai - Nobel Laureate!

In Bali there was this African Woman who floored us with her drive and ambition. Her name was Professor Wangaari Mathaai.
While in Swansea I had an African flatmate who drove me nuts.All she did was eat and bring men home and she was as huge as a baby elephant. She drove me to losing my cool and finally telling her to hold her peace for 3 weeks till I was done with my dissertation and then she could go back to all the noise she wanted to make.
Professor Wangaari changed my idea of African women in a trice in Bali.

In 2004 Professor Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her contribution to, “sustainable development, democracy and peace.” Today she is the UNEP’s messenger of peace. In a combination of science, social commitment and an active role in politics, Wangaari is a huge champion of women’s rights in particular and human rights as a whole. Famous for founding what is known as the Green Belt Movement, Wangaari explains during an interview held in Bali during the 11th Special session of the governing council/ global ministerial environment forum Bali, Indonesia in February 2010, how she mobilized the help of poor women to plant 30 million trees as her fight against the desertification of Africa.
I have done several stories on Professor Wangaari. If she could do what she did in the '60's whats stopping us women in the 21st century? Hers was single minded determination, she did not need any spineless man to support her.

I have a test on the 18th. It's for a job I am dying to get. Professor Wangaari, wave your drive and determination my way. It's 2010 and if I dont go for what I want now, I will never do it.

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