Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting my kiddie story book ready!

Its been years of faffing --- I will write a book, I will collate all my stories published and get a book done- till suddenly, snap, just like that, I have decided to get my kiddy book on the road, since Yatish the man with all the talent -- cartoonist extraordinaire says the magic words-- the cartoons are ready.

I had to write to Yatish and say, just pray that the book is not done after I am dead. Yatish has been taking YEARS to finish my cartoons so I had to use emotional black-mail. Not worked yet, the cartoons are still coming---! BUT if you look at the two I have loaded you will understand why I love his work.It will make ALL the diff to my book.
Lets hear it -- anyone like them or HATE them? Remember-- its a kids book!

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