Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ferns & Heliconiums of Bali!

I had to get out of the claustrophobic feeling enveloping me in the media room. Not that the Media room at the UNEp conference was as noisy and overpowering as the Copenhagen one, but still the smell of the uneaten boxes of lunch kind of got to me. Indonesian food is yummy but the smells are like our Indian stuff, and in the airconditioned splendour of the Westin, phew! I needed a break, outside, in the sun and humidity - alone! So off I went with my new pink camera, past the curious guards and the security at the gates onto the lovely green roads with the HUGE lawn covered pavements to oggle at the ferns and the heliconiums which seem to grow so effortlessly in that wet and humid weather. Take a look at them, they are beautiful and maybe to me looked nicer than the snow white orchids on every table inside the hotel.


  1. Hey you should post a pic of ur pink camera!!

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  3. Ah Yes! that camera! Even Yvo de Boer remarked on it! And it cost only 120 $!