Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curios in Nairobi

How could I come home to Bangalore without masks and curios from Nairobi? So we asked our driver Charles, to take us to a shop which sold African art and craft before going to the Elephant Orphanage.
What a shop, I went crazy as usual.
The masks just got picked up in a jiffy --- one for me, one for John, one for Linsey, one for David.
Then of course how could I get away from the soapstone plate with its gorgeous coloured etching of Giraffes and the famed flat canopied Accacia trees? That went into my hand luggage!
For Andy and Annika I bought a set of napkin holders, which were carved animals into which serviettes could go. After all as Docs they will have fancy sit down dinners and these will make great conversation pieces!
Curios and me! I love them!

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