Monday, March 29, 2010

Comfort Garden Nairobi

The Comfort Garden Pool was so sparklingly clean, I was tempted everyday to swim in it. I did take my costume and cap but as usual, there just wan't the time. We ran from early morning to late at night, sitting through talks or writing stories. On the last day it was a toss up between going to see the elephant orphanage or swimming.
I guess I can swim in Bangalore, but I could never see the Elephant Orphanage ever again.So teaming up with Vasnathi to share the cab fare we went together to both the Orphanage and the airport. Worked out to 3,500 shillings which was worth every penny. I know I am going to write several stories about the visit.

Take a look at the pool then you will understand why I wanted to swim in it that bad! It also had Golden Orioles and Cape Wagtails flitting around its edge. Wow! no great shakes of a pool but it was sparkling clean and that was the draw!

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