Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My beautiful Hoskote!

When I am stressed, a trip to Hoskote puts my life back on track. There is something about the place that immediately acts like a balm on my mind. Maybe its the way the plants and trees look changed every time I come. The little Pomogranate saplings fighting for survival against the hot sun, the chickoos just groaning with fruit, the Mangos all in bloom now and some even have tiny little mango fruit, the bougaenvillea and their gem like colours, the hibiscus, huge and colourful. I let my eye wander over them all, go out and pick a bag of chickoos to bring home and share, collect some fresh green chillies, or even spinach, washing the warm red soil off their roots and I am back to being relaxed and myself again.
Today was the Ugadi holiday so Narsimappa brought almond flavoured milk and large bananas for everyone. Very dissapointed that I ate nothing!
I did however stop the car and have my favourite fresh tender coconut on the road going back.
The value of the farm is huge but I dont like that massive 8 lane highway they are building to it.Its rather scary. The old Hoskote we came to when the boys were babies seems to be getting lost in all this 'development.'
If I had the internet I could stay there for weeks now. There is so much vegetation and its nice now, but with work still on maybe I'll wait another few years to really go there for longer stretches of time.


  1. BSNL 3g might work there so u have ur internet :)

  2. I dont know, I wish it would. I must do up the little house. Its got nothing in it but a run down fridge and brand new beds.Oh yes and chairs to sit on in the verandah! Need to organise the kitchen. I would die without tea and yummies!