Friday, January 22, 2010

The scented lily

These lilies are used extensively for weddings as decoration everywhere along with carnations, orchids and Gerbra. Long lasting, they are large blooms and spectacular just pure white or in pink and orange. Besides being beautiful to look at, I love them particularly for their perfume which is definitely not delicate!
The perfume is very piercing, and the whole house smelled of it for over a week after Andrew and Annika's wedding flowers were brought home for us to enjoy from the hall.I took deep breaths every time I passed the arrangements and wondered, can't Elizabeth Arden make a perfume of it? She is known for her floral scents and I love all of them.
Now Terry has bought two pots of golden yellow blooms and put them on the terrace outside our bedroom window! Gorgeous!
Checking on their name, all I found was Lillium :-) Isn't there a more exotic name for them?

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