Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Lego Wind turbine works!

It was a very determined set of three -- Rashme, David and Steven who sat down and decided to finish setting up the Vestas limited edition wind turbine lego set I had brought back from Samso island for Steven.

The how- to manuals were open, lunch was hurriedly eaten in between and all that was left to be set up was the motor to turn the turbine.David raced across the road to buy batteries from the kaka shop opposite fixing in four batteries in place. Switching on the motor there was no signs of life at all in it. I too stood very down cast and crestfallen as carrying the huge box home had been a very hard task for me.Especially after the harassment at the Air France counter in Paris for carrying 'over-sized' carry on luggage.( Never travel Air France, they are not a helpful bunch at all)

Then suddenly David turned the motor over and noticed slots for four more batteries! Another charge across the road to the kaka shop and THEN--- the moment everyone had been waiting for happened! The graceful blades of the lego turbine began to move in imitation of the massive ones I had admired on Samso island. It was a thrilling moment for all of us!

Pictures have been taken to share with friends and brother Andrew in the US, who I am sure would have loved to have been part of the team assembling the turbine.

Thank you Vestas for such a great Christmas gift, not only for Steven, but for all of us, especially for David and Rashme who are home from the UK for the holidays!