Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alternatives to Copenhagen team!

Hepsibah, Prachi, Nisha and I were the team behind Alternatives to Copenhagen.

However, it was hard explaining to the kids in class that only team work finally works with anything.So to have a successful event, they all have to help. They saw finally for themselves that the conference- Alternatives to Copenhagen was so successful because it was team work that finally won the day. It was a good lesson for them all and hopefully everyone has learnt that by sticking together for the two days, the event was a roaring success.
Some of the girls washed plates, the guys swept the floors, others sold plants and yet others maintained silence in the hall. It was a lot of work, we are exhausted by the roller coaster ride, but it was a great experience for all who participated.

Thanks to Vestas for their generosity in helping us through the programme with their generous contribution of 50, 000 rupees. Reva with 5000, GNT with 2,500 and Daily Dump with 2,000. Thats how we gave out free lunches and registration was just Rs 20.

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