Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Reliance tees!

Look at our especially designed tees from Reliance. We had to buy them at Rs100/- each which was Reliance's cost price, but it was worth every paise and we had the 50 extra sold off in a jiffy.
Sold at cost price, everyone who came for the event was keen on having a teeshirt as they were really good looking. Check out the pic against the main specially designed back drop.
The cutest was this tiny 'lil girl on the second day who was most dissapointed as we had only large and meduim sizes and none to fit her!She has an eye for the good stuff alright!
BUT, I LOVE the picture on top and just look at that happy class. It's a mix of the first and second years, so you now know why I am enjoying teaching them.

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  1. I loved the t-shirt ma'am.. I have it well preserved and I do wear it occasionally to College! :)