Friday, November 5, 2010

Ripe mangoes for Christmas?

It's been bugging me -- seeing the mango tree in VF David's compound out of my bedroom window covered with flowers from the beginning of October. Now at the end of October look at the pic -- the tree is loaded with mangos! Thats weird cause we all know mangos are seasonal and are a summer fruit available only from April to the end of May or early June. NEVER ever did mangos fruit in October!

Talking to a senior botanist, Mr Yellappa Reddy he explained that the trigger for mangos to flower is heat, and we can all see how hot it has become in Bangalore even in October. The trees nearer large arterial roads are affected more than those in interior residential areas with the heat of idling traffic during traffic jams.

If this is not a true pointer to Climate Change for all those sceptics out there then nothing can convince them, as they do not want to be convinced.

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