Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hoskote in the rains!

We went to Hoskote or 'housecoat' as Andrew calls it to let him see how he trees and place has evolved. He was very pleased to see the chickoo trees loaded with fruit and a whole patch of chillies growing and full of chillies.

My brand new hibiscus which I took from home and planted there is naturally thrilled to bits to be in the ground rather than a pot and is flowering plate sized blooms as you can see in the picture.

I am very very happy that ONE croton from Hayes Road, which my grandfather had planted there has thrown new leaves and looks well. Picture shows the fresh new spotted green and yellow leaves. Bangalore always had great varieties of crotons which seem to have gone out of fashion in Bangalores gardens now!

Dads Rose apple plant which he had growing in an old bucket in the garden has grown rapidly into a tree and is full of the pretty feathery white blooms you can see. I am sure it fruits but we dont see any cause Narsimappas kids demolish them and the pomogranates before we get to see them!

Got him to dig around the borewell so the rain water percolates down and replen ishes the ground table.All along the property too he has dug pits to collct the rain and let it percolate into the land. " Not a drop that falls here can run off he says," with a huge smile, cause he knows how rabid I am about replenishing the ground table.

The village pond too looks quite smashing with lots of brown muddy water filled up and cows and buffaloes swimming merrily in it. I convinced them to dredge the pond during the dry season which has helped. Education is the key, otherwise the farmer just leaves his pump on and drains out all the ground water in his ignorance.

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