Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My book reading in Bethany School!

On the 8th morning, bright and bushy tailed at 8am Bonny and I went off to Bethany for my book reading. There was a special assembly and I was the chief guest! Wish I knew cause I just went dressed in a sweater and jeans!Should have realised, Aakash Rayall the principal has been an old and valued friend and he introduced me to his school like that!

Felt so good and he also said my Mum had taught him English in FAPS and had been the best English teacher he had ever had! I sat alongside his Mum and Bonny in the large and well built school auditorium which was totally state-of-the-art!Instead of carrying a big banner, I can just take a soft copy of it and use their projector to 'throw' a large image of it on the screen already provided.

It was a great morning, all the kids enjoyed my cover story about the One -eyed ogre and I sold 100 books immediately.

My next reading for the junior school is slotted for the 19th November and that should be even nicer than the one already done for the older kids.

The head mistress said she LOVED the book and she was sure the kids would love it too! Yipeeee!

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