Friday, November 5, 2010

Black naped Orioles are here!

Isn't the bird something to look at? I remember a long time ago my Dad had shown me the bird and I was fascinated by its colour. Plus the fact that anything so beautiful was for real!

I particularly love this picture which has caught the bird in his favourite past time - eating fruit. Here it is definitely making a meal of the luscious mango it happened to get lucky to find ripe on the tree!

My Doc son Andrew says "Grandpa showed me the bird once or twice on Convent Road as he held my hand and took me to school." Guess at that time I was not so educated on the fact that these birds are migrants from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and can be seen mostly in the Western Ghats and South India at this time. That is why we get lucky and are able to see them in the less congested parts of the city and outside.


  1. It's funny to see so many birds in Bangalore with all the trees chopped for road widening. I wish, we could travel smarter and share cars or car pool.

    I still remember the birds in Kurumba and Hill County,Ooty ;they were a living spectacle. Swooping down below from the cloud covered tree tops of the foot hills to quench their thirst.

    It's a definite sign of global warming and I realize that companies need to use renewable sources of energy to power themselves and not blame the government and use this method to cut costs instead of firing in the thousands.

    This bird maybe a migrant but I can tell that it loves this cozy Bangalore weather just like Andy who has to go back to Omaha,Nebraska for the winter.

  2. Nature at its brilliant best! These colours are hard to come by even with an artist's palette.

    Love the personal touch to this piece Marianne.

  3. Where exactly was this bird seen in b'lore?

  4. It is seen mainly in the large multinational campuses and in the Bannerghatta National park. However some birders said they saw it in Koramangala as well!