Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hoskote Sunday!

We decided to finally make a trip to the farm on Sunday. Its somehow hard now with Bonny working on Sundays --- his calls are more frequent on the weekends.
Anyway even though there wasn't much rain and water, the place looked good. The chickoos as usual were loaded on the trees and the mangos were in bloom.
We took the left over saplings of the conference for Narsimappa to plant along the periphery. I felt its better that he waits for the rains before he sets them down or they wont survive.
The coffee and the Passion fruit looked good but the Amla looked really quite straggly now thats its our Indian Autumn and its losing its leaves.
Badri came with us as he was in town and so could do a lot of talking to Narsimappa about my Pomogranates which are still tiny.Telugu does the trick and next week I am sure Narsimappa would have done a lot of work on the land.
Rain, rain, we need rain!

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