Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andhra Biriyani!

We all trooped into Nagarjuna on Residency Road cause Annika wanted to eat Andhra Biriyani or was it their Thaali?! As soon as Andy, Dave and Annika come home to India they are back to their old haunts and thankfully have no acquired airs and graces of not eating in the old hot spots! Infact they just dive into the cupboards, pull out their old clothes -- Annika even put on her long long kurtis (too cute!) and they were back to riding bikes and pulling on helmets like they had never left. What a relief! I just cannot bear the kids to acquire 'attitude' and believe Bangalore has turned into the boondocks --- though privately I DO think it has!
What I noticed about myself is I was quite thrilled to eat off a banana leaf. Before I would ask for a plate. Now having turned completely and totally GREEN, I think eating off a banana leaf is coool PROVIDED it is washed clean of insecticides!

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