Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bar headed Geese & avian 'flu

I have just spent the morning writing a piece on Bar Headed Geese. What a great time I have had doing it cause I was able to get the actual PPT of the programme sent to me by Dr Martin Gilbert himself. Its amazing writing on these topics for me esp. getting my head around these scientific topics and then writing features which should interest the common man.
What's super is birders love to share their pictures as long as they are credited for the pics. So do have a look at the pics loaded. They are by a Shafat Khan and an M Rao.Both ace pictures if you are mad about birds like I am.
By the way the story was about the geese being collared in Mongolia and how they fly over the Himalayas to India to Karnataka no less where our birders sighted them and that brought Dr Gilbert to speak to us!
Sigh! total joy!

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