Monday, January 30, 2012

Tricks to cut back on wasted time with house chores!

I had this email sent to me by a friend and thought it would make a great post for all of us who scurry for time everyday.For me my day never has enough hours in it for everything I would like to do and end up rushing and cramming more than I can handle most often.

These little aids help to cut back on wasted time in homes and I know many of them will be a great help personally for me!

The first one is naming cables with the plastic selas used to keep bread fresh. Another is fixing a magnetic strip to stick our clips and pins. Another is to put our shoes into shower caps found in most hotels rather than pack directly in our clothes. And the last and most useful for me is to put the sheet and one pillow case into one case and neatly stack them. I waste so much time finding the second case or even the matching sheet!


  1. I think the naming cables idea is awesome.. :) Thanks for sharing it!! :)

    Angad Achappa
    Indian Wildlife Photography

  2. I linked to two of your posts about trees in Bangalore in on my blog yesterday. My husband and I just returned from a trip to India a little over two weeks ago. I'm also following your blog now.

  3. Thanks Angad. You know I find the sneet one very helpful cause I would have to drag out all the sheets and pillow covers to sort them before changing linen every week. Made me mad! This way its perfect and I can pull out what I need in minutes!:-)

  4. Glad you like my blog Elizabeth. I have not updated it in a while, but will put up a few more new ones!
    Where are you based?

  5. Practical and innovative domestic tips from Marianne ! :)

    Btw, is the fourth one a filter on the shower?