Friday, January 20, 2012

Submerged by music!

It was a marvelous two evenings - one after the next where I was asked to cover two musical events in the Alliance de Francaise! When Mini gives me these events to do, it forces me out of hibernation where I am happy just reading scientists papers to write stories from. Or just laze infront of the TV watching junk!

But the second event was even more fun because I asked my students to come for the event and get a blast of fusion music which I was covering. It was their first time going for a music show and they were thrilled to be witness to something they had never enjoyed before. Four fresh faces, armed with their note pads and cameras came and felt like royalty which we journos are treated like at shows -- as we are given the best seats in the house which are reserved especially for us.

I have sent off my piece with the pictures I have shot -- lets see what they write. It's nice to get a fresh perspective to these shows from the younger generation of journos!

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