Friday, January 20, 2012

The scientist and the journalist!

Always, whenever I have worked with scientists, I have just read their stuff and looked for a story and then never really connected. They were faceless academics who touched my life for the period of working my story and we never ever met one another again.

Then I worked Gopi Sundar's story. Gopi a scientist who works out of India and Minnesota and then suddenly he was coming to Bangalore. Kindly and generously he agreed to speak to my class in St Joseph's and what a great interaction that was. The kids initially were in awe of him, but after a while they relaxed and quizzed him no end.

I hope the interaction makes a few of them want to be environmental journalists. We desperately need a few more in India to fight for our poor planet which is in dire distress and sensitize the world about the loss of the flora and fauna desperately trying to stay alive.

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