Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toshiba NB100 bought in Dubai

Since I travel so much and have to lug my large laptop around to conferences, I decided to take the Indonesian journalists advice and buy a NB100from Toshiba. I spent 450 Euros in Dubai while I was in transit to Nairobi and was very pleased with my purchase.
However from the start, the keyboard gave trouble, one could not see the letters and also they did not work too well. The whole machine was very slow and considering I had NOTHING on it I did wonder but just ignored the issue.

Suddenly at the Delhi conference the keyboard stopped working properly with only some keys functioning. The IT help said it was def a prob with the machine. I shut it down and used the media room comps instead.

Forgetting the problem I took it all the way to the ICIMOD conf in Kathmandu to be greeted with the same problem. I could not even log into my gmail but could from others comps. That is when the IT trouble shooter there said, Maam, its your computer which you need checked.

So I came back to Bangalore and never mind the mad run around from Manipal Centre to Koramangala, I get this nice fat bill for a problem that is due to Toshiba's inherent poor quality of machine. I am mad angry and fighting about it because I am so tired of their service which is all but not there.Plus to be slammed with a bill on top of a faulty machine and down time galls me.

DO NOT buy Toshiba. Their service sucks in India and dont throw good money down the drain, think before you buy. They say DELL's after sales is the best.

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