Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kathmandu and ICIMOD

Say Kathmandu and everyone's eyes light up. Well for me say Kathmandu and ICIMOD and ONLY THEN my eyes light up! ICIMOD is a green Shangrila while the rest of Kathmandu is a dirty dusty little city which you could find anywhere in India. There are ofcourse little islands like the Boudha Stupa which I love, but on the whole the place is polluted, garbage strewn and crawling with firangs. The only saving feature are the people. They are smiling and very humble and inspite of their obvious poverty are hard working and happy.

The pictures are of ICIMOD and the Kiwi fruit grown in Godavari, the project site of ICIMOD. That is a wonderful place with dense forest which has been regenerated to teach the locals to replicate it- and with the forest has come water and biodiversity of plant, bird and insect life.

When will we as man realise and accept that we need to preserve nature in order to preserve our planet? Never I think!

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