Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plant a tree this monsoon!

I wish, I wish, I wish that everyone decided to plant ONE tree this monsoon. It would make such a difference to Bangalore. Really, truly! If we just visited Delhi we could see there is such a difference between Bangalore and Delhi. There is MUCH MORE greenery in Delhi. Yes! You read right, we have hacked off all our green cover in the heart of Bangalore and Delhi seems much greener to me now. We have even lost all our traffic islands which we were so proud of.

Instead we have nothing, just traffic jams and madly honking cars and buses with rashly driven autos.

And I have to fight to keep my Camel Foot alive on the pavement from that marauding doctor from the Narayana Netralaya hospital next door.

So, we went off to Lalbagh a week in advance and bought 10 Ratnagiri Alphonso's and made a session of planting in Hoskote. They will take some time to grow of course, but when they do, we will wallow in home grown, organic mangos!

DON'T buy your fruit trees from anywhere but Lalbagh. It is only when you grow them and after 5 years when they fruit that you realise you have been rooked. All the trees we bought from Lalbagh are true grafts. But those bought from other nurseries are total fakes.

We bought two pomogranates from Lalbagh and they are the exact Ganesh maroon variety we bought and paid for. However we bought 10 trees from another nursery and now we see ONE is Ganesh, the rest are just regular which is really galling as no one wants to cut down a tree.


  1. Sorry to hear about your fake fruits trees, can you name the nursery selling the fakes?

    You can also consider grafting the Ganesh variety on your existing non-Ganesh trees.


  2. There is this nursery under a peepul tree just past the main Lalbagh gate to the left. We bought 10 trees from there and all except for one is Ganesh!