Saturday, August 13, 2011

The joys of a book club!

This time we had Gita Aravamudan as our guest of honour, last time it was Jahnavi Barua.Running a book club is interesting. I always wanted to run one to see how other readers like me, enjoy the written word out of a hard copy book, and whose brains I could pick, as most readers are very erudite.

The last book we dissected was Ken Follets The Pillars of the Earth. A wonderful story but was a bit hard to plod on, reading the 1080 odd pages of the book. Inspite of having a Masters in History, I found the going tough at times, but on the whole it did keep me engrossed with his story line.

The 'Pillars' he talks about are to do with the architectural styles that went into building of churches during the peak era of Christianity. It brought to life the Duomo Cathedral I gawped at in Milan. If it wasn't for Padma taking me to Milan for her football jerseys, we might have missed it on our Italian walkabout last year!

Just take a look at the Cathedral - according to history it took 6 centuries to build.One wondered at the drive and ambition to build something as massive and intricate as that.Then in Follet's book the raison d'etre behind the church buildings of the past which served as safe havens in times of war made sense.

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