Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bird Baths in your garden!

I just wrote a piece on how important it is for us to have a small bird bath in your gardens or on our terraces and balconies for our city birds, in the Hindu. Fresh water is becoming tough for them to find in our cities today with shrinking garden spaces. So take a look at the pics which were sent to me by Surya Prakash who 'shot' all these beautiful pictures and see what joy just a little terracotta pot can bring to you.

Barbets, Magpies, Orioles, Mynas, Koels, you can see them all and more.

Just enjoy the beauty of our varied feathered friends visiting, if you take just a little trouble to buy a container and keep it clean and filled with fresh water for the birds.

PHOTO CREDITs Surya Prakash with thanks!


  1. Congrats on the article!! :) Some really nice pics here!!

  2. Yeah really gorgeous! Taken as you can see by Surya Prakash.

    I have a nice piece out about the Green Sandpiper out in the City Buzz. If you write to me on I will send you that which has a great pic too.