Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lantana domestic and wild weed!

While going to the farm over last and this year, we have found a huge invasion of
Lantana in the village. They are tall and massive bushes which are almost impenetrable along the road leading into the farm. The flowers are very colourful and the farmers dont seem to mind it being around. However I have just done a story on how invasive a weed it is unless controlled and it can be detrimental to herbivores as it overtakes the landscape and does not allow grasses and native species to grow.

I also saw huge areas in the jungles of Bandipur and Nagarhole when we went on a jungle safari on the Serai Kabini trip.Both the jungles are over run with the weed which prob keep the birds happy with their fruit but def d not allow grasses to grow under them.

Funnily enough the domesticated variety is very pretty but not that hardy. I redid the balcony plants recently for Davids wedding and Bonny bought me the most delightful domesticated purple variety and a really breathtaking yellow one with variegated leaves.

Check my pics!


  1. Hello Marianne......Excellent posts, please continue the good work.
    I live in Bangalore and have a small piece of farm land. I and my family would like to visit your farm, please let me know if this possible.


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