Thursday, May 12, 2011

Murder in broad day light

Amazing the different ways crooks operate. I suppose the cleverer you are the more crooked you can get. There was my lovely Camel Foot standing and shading all of us ungrateful humans on the pavement outside our house, when the dear Doctor Sahib who has rented the next door building decided to drill it to death.

A group of his henchmen came and began to drill huge holes in the tree with an electric gun and a 6 inch drill bit. I really don't know why I happened to go out at the time and caught them red handed. I was sick with revulsion to see what they were doing and by the time I caught them they had 'dug' SIX holes into the tree.

I called the Forest Department who put me onto the BBMP task force who of course took their time, but they DID come at last. There was a lot of acting and drama by the man in charge but I would not give up and stayed put watching.

What's the big deal said Dr Bhujang Shetty, supposedly one of the best eye surgeons in the city. How does one educate the supposedly educated elite? I could have hit him with the drill gun, but instead asked- " Shall I drill six holes in your leg like your men have done to my tree?"

"What are you saying Madom?" he asked miffed that a woman could be so bold as to talk to such a revered man. I told him I would do just that if he touched the tree again. "Do what you want," he said in typical Bangalore fashion and that spurred me on to sort the duffer out.

The forest department are duty bound to protect the tree so have lodged an FIR but I want to see what they will do. Shetty will pay his way out for sure. But I have won round one for the tree -- third time lucky - I have saved her twice before with my sons help. And he will be scared to touch it now it has been brought to the notice of the authorities.

Take a look at the pictures of the tree and the horrible holes made in it. If you have read Roald Dahl, and his story of how plants scream when cut and hurt, I am sure my tree screamed with the pain while those villians hurt it with their beastly drill gun.

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