Saturday, January 1, 2011

The mouse & my teapot!

This has happened not once, not twice but several times! I have gone down to the kitchen to pour myself my hundreth cup of tea and normally always my mind is focussed on something else while I steady the cup and pull off the tea-cosy from the tea pot.Invariably its about a story I am working on or which para should be cut and pasted differently to make the story read better.

Never did I EVER expect a MOUSE, yes you read right, a tiny, black mouse, leap out of the tea-cosy and race away to safety while I stand in shock and horror watching it run, while I am totally paralysed.

I dont think its amusing. I would love to splat it flat and send it straight to mouse heaven if I could. Imagine the boldness of the thing? But I see the humour of the situation. The mouse is feeling the unnatural winter chill in Bangalore and has found a very convenient spot to keep warm.

Grr! from now on, I will whip off the tea cosy and hope it falls flat on the floor near my feet. I hope!

Anyone who is on the mouse's side -- you are welcome to come over for a cup of tea!

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