Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miss Earth 2010

Ian and Honey's daughter Nicole has won the Miss Earth 2010 crown in Vietnam. That makes me feel old and decidedly so cause now its really rammed home that our kids are all grown up and we are past the golden mark!
Iasnt Nicole gorgeous? And she is Miss Earth to boot which is a title after my heart. She pushes earth related matters and brings to the medias attn all the pressing problems that our planet is having to face and tolerate with so much human intrusion.
In one fell swoop Nicole can do with her pretty little smile what most of us environmental journalists have been plugging away for years.Thats good news for us and I am sure she can bring home to Bangalore the desperate need to eain water harvest and that our lakes need to be cleaned up to solve our looming water crisis.

Three cheers for Nicole! Look at her pics and tell me, wouldn't you give her your vote?!

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