Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The white visage!

Last night Steve and me went for a mime show by the great Laurent Decol at the Alliance. Sometimes all one needs in life is to sit for an hour and laugh till your sides ache and the tears flow down ones face with laughter as a stress buster. I always thank Mini of the Hindu when she suddenly decides to call me and say Marianne could you and of course Marianne is up and running from the word go!

Laurent kept us in splits without uttering a word. Its a gift, an utter mastery over your facial muscles and your body movements. The old man in the park, the balloon seller, the lovers, the sculptor, the weight lifter - he showed them all off so effortless and soundlessly and had the entire hall of kiddies in the Alliance rolling around the isles with laughter.

He's just like Mr. Bean said Steve. Little realising that Mr Bean's slap stick probably got its inspiration from mime!

Just a little white paint, red lips, a black suit and viola he had us entranced for 75 minutes. There is no better medicine to lift the blues than laughing ones self silly which the show did for us!

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