Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free travel for COP 15

Once we journalists had gone through the formalities of accreditation with the COP15 we were told to go to the Travel Desk and collect our travel passes. Those orange passes were to be our lifeline for the two weeks we lived in Copenhagen as it gave us free access to use the economy class bogies of trains, metros and buses in both Copenhagen and in Malmo, Sweden. That was a very generous gift to us journalists are always starving, never mind the generosity of the UNFCCC to us!

We were very careful carrying both the passes and our badges as the conductors came on and checked us on every single trip we took. Those who did not have their passes were strictly told off once and the second time fined.

We saw locals being fined 22 Euros for coming on minus a ticket.No wonder the cities work so well with perfect infrastructure, roads and public transport. We need similar tough rules followed in India if we want our public transport and amenities to work.

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