Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bjorn Lomborg at the COP15 is a joke!

Three years ago as a student with the Erasmus Mundus in Aarhus in Denmark, we were taken to meet the celebrated Danish ‘sceptical environmentalist’ Bjorn Lomborg. Blonde and blue eyed and very sure of his charm, Lomborg told us that it was the ‘scratch and burn’ methods of farming which had caused any increase of GHG’s in the atmosphere and he blamed our ‘third world’ economies for the problem. He even quoted Amartya Sen, Nobel laureate, but quite out of context to our fuming chagrin.

Today he is wandering around the Bella Centre acting the star, giving out his agents press card for appointments for interviews and refusing direct requests for comments. After a lot of badgering as to the reasons of his presence here at COP15, after all he acquired his fame being a skeptic he said, “ Climate Change is vastly exaggerated by the press. It’s a problem we need to fix smartly. The strategy has failed for the last 18 years since Rio in 1992. I suggest that 0.2 percent of each developed country’s GDP should be spent on Climate Change towards renewable energy technology, and that should fix the problem. That’s the only way you can get India and China on board.”

Smart turn around I must say!

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