Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cycles a very visible presence in Sweden and Denmark!.

Reinforcing the point that we need to go back to the cycle to cut down on carbon emissions the Danes and Swedes seem to enjoy their biking all over the city of Copenhagen and Malmo, no matter the weather. What is most noticeable is the number of cycles parked for the day in cycle stands near the train station. Then they take the train to work literally cutting down on CO2 emissions with having less cars on the road.
No matter the weather, they just bundle up in woollies and boots and cycle on the almost empty roads to the station where they leave hundreds of cycles unlocked for the day. It was mind boggling for us to see the numbers of very basic cycles, being used by all age groups of people from ‘older’ retired people to the very young school going child.

The picture is of cycles parked in front of the train station in Malmo, Sweden.

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  1. Its so polluted here... if u cycle all the fumes will get into ur lungs at twice the rate (cause u gash more when u cycle)!

    Plus the traffic makes it impossible for bikers.... :(