Sunday, January 6, 2013

Solar light birdies for your garden!

We were wandering around the gardening area in the huge B & Q, home depot store in New Malden, London, when we came upon these cute solar powered garden lights in the shape of birds. I had never seen anything quite like them (see pic) and was most tickled with the tiny solar panel in its back. The birds were perfectly sculpted black birds in porcelain. Obviously when and if the sun came up in the UK it would charge the battery via the solar panel and the bulb would light up. The birds were not cheap and came with a price tag of 6 quid each and the only reason I did not buy one was most of them had their beaks broken. Obviously some mean shopper had taken great pleasure in snapping the yellow or black beaks of the birds and leaving them there with no hope of them being bought.

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