Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Pigeon my English friend!

Spending three weeks in the UK for Christmas has been fun cause to keep me company while I cook in the kitchen has been a nice plump pigeon. They say feed the birds in the UK during the winter, so every crust has been broken up and thrown on the patio outside along the lawn. In minutes he will cock his eye at me from the chimney which is his normal perch on the opposite house in anticipation. Then once I throw the pieces of crust he flies down to the fence and checks if he is safe. Meaning, I have to be behind the closed door.
Once I leave the kitchen he flies down and polishes off the crusts in a trice. Sometimes a little sparrow joins him in its feast, but any movement has the sparrow flying away and not coming back. A little squirrel runs around at the bottom of the lawn trying to look for yummies but refuses to venture further.
Everything looks dank and dreary this Christmas day in London, but with us cooking up a storm in the kitchen seems to draw my pigeon friend out and makes him more friendly and looking for a fresh round of crusts 'cause its Christmas day in London!

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